Hello everyone!

I created this blog to show my progess throughout my modeling/texturing reel, share techniques that I've been learning since I started learning CG and also publish news about upcoming projects.

I've been studying at Think Tank (a CG school located in North Vancouver, BC) since May, and after 9 intense months it is finally time to prepare myself to work in the film industry.I took me a while to decide my specialty. When I first came to Think Tank, I was always excited about everything CG related, but after a few months I finally decided to focus on modeling/texturing for films.

So, after deciding what I was going to focus on, I had to choose my mentor to guide me through 4 months during the final semester. I chose Justin Holt, a well known Texture Painter in the industry who currently works as a texturing supervisor at Sony Imageworks. He is an amazing artist and professional, and I'm sure that I made the right choice. 
After contacting Justin, he helped me plan my reel and we chose assets which have a variety of textures and surfaces.

Below I'll show each asset that will be featured my reel.

Asset 01 - Southern Cassowary

I've been always amazed about the Southern Cassowary. It is one of Australia's most imposing birds – large, colorful, and flightless. It also kicks out with both feet at once, and can injure, or even kill, dogs or humans.
After studying and reading about this impressive bird, I decided to include it on my reel as an organic asset. It is going to be a collaborative project with my friend and amazing artist Daniel Rodrigues, who sculpted the model that I'm going to work with.


My second asset is a WWII British Gas Mask that I bought on Craigslist.
When I found this mask online I almost had a heart attack, because it was perfect for my demo reel.
I'm a big fan of historical items and this one has an incredible variety of materials such as cloth, rubber, metal, copper and glass.
After a whole day trying to reach the seller and after taking the wrong bus in another city and walking almost 1 mile under the pouring rain, I finally got the mask and everything was awesome!


I used to work with cameras on short films and commercials, and I have always been passionate about them. If it is an vintage camera model, it is even more interesting! That's why I chose this Canon Zoom 8 as an asset for my reel. The head of my school, Scott Thompson, had this camera on his office and he kindly lent it to me.
With this model, I will be able to show hard surface texturing skills since it has a variety of metals.

So that's it for now!I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope that the information here will be helpful to you! :)

Feel free to comment and share! ;)