Hired at Scanline VFX!

Hey guys,

I would like to share with you a really especial moment in my career. Approximately an year ago I left Brazil to study in Canada, and if I had the chance, to work at a VFX company.

After all these months working really hard and having a lot of support from everyone, I had the opportunity to be hired at Scanline VFX as a Jr. Modeler/Texture Painter.

So, I just want to say thank you to my family, all my friends and teachers. I could not have done it without you guys! 



Hey guys,

I'm really excited to share with you that my latest project The Gas Mask recently got two online achievements. It was selected to be on the picks section on Artstation and also won an honorable mention on the Howww website!  Check it out!

I'm also excited to share that I just finished writing a tutorial for the 3DArtist magazine, explaining the whole texturing process for the Gas Mask. The issue is gonna be out in November, so stay tuned! :)

Ready for texturing!

Hello everyone!
Finally I can share some reel updates.  All my assets are ready for texturing!

Here is the awesome Cassowary sculpt that Daniel sculpted for me:

Here is the Gas Mask model:

and the camera:

That's it for now, guys!
In the future I'll be posting more updates about my progress.

Thank you again! :)

Wasp Magazine Features

Hello everyone!
I wanna share with you guys that  Wasp was published in three magazines around the world! 
3D World Magazine is a well known British magazine.
Rising Artists® Magazine is a Singaporean magazine for aspiring digital artists to showcase their artworks.
Advanced Creation Photoshop Magazine is a French based magazine dedicated to providing tutorials and guides to aspiring digital artists.

Check it out! :)


Hello everyone!

I created this blog to show my progess throughout my modeling/texturing reel, share techniques that I've been learning since I started learning CG and also publish news about upcoming projects.

I've been studying at Think Tank (a CG school located in North Vancouver, BC) since May, and after 9 intense months it is finally time to prepare myself to work in the film industry.I took me a while to decide my specialty. When I first came to Think Tank, I was always excited about everything CG related, but after a few months I finally decided to focus on modeling/texturing for films.

So, after deciding what I was going to focus on, I had to choose my mentor to guide me through 4 months during the final semester. I chose Justin Holt, a well known Texture Painter in the industry who currently works as a texturing supervisor at Sony Imageworks. He is an amazing artist and professional, and I'm sure that I made the right choice. 
After contacting Justin, he helped me plan my reel and we chose assets which have a variety of textures and surfaces.

Below I'll show each asset that will be featured my reel.

Asset 01 - Southern Cassowary

I've been always amazed about the Southern Cassowary. It is one of Australia's most imposing birds – large, colorful, and flightless. It also kicks out with both feet at once, and can injure, or even kill, dogs or humans.
After studying and reading about this impressive bird, I decided to include it on my reel as an organic asset. It is going to be a collaborative project with my friend and amazing artist Daniel Rodrigues, who sculpted the model that I'm going to work with.


My second asset is a WWII British Gas Mask that I bought on Craigslist.
When I found this mask online I almost had a heart attack, because it was perfect for my demo reel.
I'm a big fan of historical items and this one has an incredible variety of materials such as cloth, rubber, metal, copper and glass.
After a whole day trying to reach the seller and after taking the wrong bus in another city and walking almost 1 mile under the pouring rain, I finally got the mask and everything was awesome!


I used to work with cameras on short films and commercials, and I have always been passionate about them. If it is an vintage camera model, it is even more interesting! That's why I chose this Canon Zoom 8 as an asset for my reel. The head of my school, Scott Thompson, had this camera on his office and he kindly lent it to me.
With this model, I will be able to show hard surface texturing skills since it has a variety of metals.

So that's it for now!I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope that the information here will be helpful to you! :)

Feel free to comment and share! ;)